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Associate Spotlight

Bethsiada 'Cookie' Pead

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         Bethsaida 'Cookie' Pead

Bethsaida ‘Cookie’ Pead has been a food service associate of San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital for nearly 8 years.  She enjoys working at this hospital because she states it feels like “you are with your family”.  She feels appreciated and believes her ideas are heard.  When she first started working here, she was shy and worked to overcome this as she does a lot of customer service while working in the cafeteria.  Cookie is happy to say, over time, she is rising above her shyness, in part because of the caring nature and wonderful smiles of other associates. She now makes it a point to talk with the associates and visitors in the cafeteria. Because she has received so much from this hospital, she makes every effort to provide excellent service to people and she hopes the patrons feel they can ask her for things they need while eating here.

Cookie became a payroll donator this past year.  She thinks it is great to see her donation grow with every pay stub.  She says it feels good to donate to her community and to the hospital.  She is glad she gets to be a part of the SGMH Foundation when she sees the purchase of medical equipment that helps patients receive what they need to heal and thrive.

Cookie stated that when people acknowledge the work she does, it makes her feel more confident and appreciated. The SGMH Foundation truly appreciates her hard work and generosity.

We are so blessed to have Cookie as part of the SGMH team and as a generous donor to the Foundation.