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AccuVein is Changing Lives At SGMH

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Medical Technology That Is Increasing Patient Safety

Banning, California: San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Foundation purchased four AccuVein Illuminating Systems for the hospital to support our goal to maintain high standards in healthcare technology and to improve the patient experience. Vein visualization is an innovative technology that assists healthcare professionals with finding the best veins for IV starts and blood draws.  Also known as vein mapping, this technology creates a real-time visual “map” of the veins on the surface of the skin. The hospital clinical associates have been using the AccuVeins on our patients to enhance vein visualization which decreases IV attempts on “hard to stick” patients such as compromised seniors, children and the obese.  Vein visualization works for all body types and skin tones.

Our Medical-Surgical department associates commented on the equipment:

Yvonne (RN) says “I have used it on a very difficult IV start patient and was able to get access 1st time – I really like it.”

Rosa (LVN) commented: “The couple times I have used it was with challenging IV stick patients and was able to get IV access. I would have NEVER been able to do that without the AccuVein.”

Chris (RN) shared his experience as well: “Had the opportunity to use the AccuVein on a very hard stick patient, and I was able to get it first try. I feel the AccuVein cuts the time in half searching for a vein. It’s a very efficient tool.”

Medical technology like the AccuVein Illumination System helps San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital to continue to provide safe, high-quality, personalized health care services to the community. Siobhan Lopez of the SGMH Foundation commented on delivering the AccuVeins for the hospital: “It’s a great feeling to see this technology in action and to know that it’s improving patient outcomes and decreasing their pain. This purchase was made possible by the support the community has given to the Foundation, and we are so grateful.  We would not be able to change the lives we do without that support.” San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital and the Foundation thanks our community for making a difference in the lives of the patients in our care.

The clinical associates at SGMH have been fortunate to use life-saving medical equipment provided through generous donations to the foundation. We continue to keep patient safety as our number one priority.

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital was founded in 1951 and was initially built as a war memorial. Since its founding, SGMH has been committed to its mission statement “to provide safe, high-quality, personalized healthcare services.”

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