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Dear Valued Community Member,

Earlier in January, Beaver Medical Group (BMG), through their management company, EPIC Management, began transferring their patients from our emergency department at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital (SGMH) to Redlands Community Hospital. EPIC’s Director of Network Management, Chris Stottlemyer, explains the abrupt change in how they manage BMG’s patients by stating “the goal of EPIC and BMG is to better manage the care and services we provide our members through SGMH.” I do not know how many of their members would agree that inpatient care at Redlands Community Hospital is more desirable than inpatient care at our community hospital, but this letter is to inform our ER patients and the public that EPIC/BMG’s decision to transfer patients was done without consulting SGMH and with very little notice to us and, it appears, no notice to their members.

We want our community to be aware that these transfers are driven by EPIC and Beaver, not SGMH. We have high quality doctors, nurses, technicians, support staff, and technology available to care for these inpatients, and transfers are not necessary for patient care reasons.

Appropriate and timely patient care always comes first. If these transfers are being done for financial or other reasons, and patient care is not being given top priority, we will pursue all legal and regulatory means to ensure that our emergency department patients receive proper, timely, and appropriate patient care.

If you have questions regarding EPIC/Beaver’s actions, or you hear others ask about this change, please let me know so that we have the opportunity to address these questions or concerns. For further questions, please reach us at: 951-845-1121.

I will keep you updated as this situation further develops. Thank you for your support of our hospital and community.

Mark Turner
Chief Executive Officer
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital
600 N. Highland Springs Avenue
Banning, CA 92220
Hospital: 951-845-1121