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To Our Neighbors,

There has been a great deal of noise over the last several months about EPIC Management / Beaver Medical Group’s efforts to transfer some of their patients from San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital.

As CEO of San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, I want to turn down the noise so that you can hear what’s really important: our commitment to our patients.

At San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, we believe firmly in our abilities, and in the quality of our institution. We want to treat every patient possible, because we know we’ll deliver the health outcomes that patients are looking for.

While we want to serve every single patient, we understand that EPIC Management / Beaver Medical Group may want to serve some of their patients elsewhere.

If patients understand their options and are informed about the process, and if all laws and regulations are followed, our staff at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital will continue to do our part – as we have been doing for the last 6 weeks – to coordinate transfers successfully. However, patient safety comes first. Our goal, which remains unchanged since EPIC Management / Beaver Medical Group informed us about their intent to transfer patients – is to ensure the safety of our patients, so that their care and their health is not put in any jeopardy. We are willing to be flexible and accommodating, but not when it comes to the health and safety of patients.

And if patients – particularly those who have trusted us with their care for years – want to remain at our hospital, they should know they have that right, and deserve to be listened to. We know a lot of people put their trust in us, and have for their entire lives. We’re honored for the privilege of serving you, and don’t take it for granted.

We hope to work cooperatively with EPIC Management / Beaver Medical Group on continued transfers, enabling patients to receive advance notice, know what to expect, and ultimately receive the care they deserve.

A great deal of attention has been paid to this issue over the past few weeks. Frankly, too much attention. We’re going to do our part to turn the noise down, so we can get our community refocused on what’s really important to us: patient care.

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital has served the Pass area for 66 years. We have set a high bar, year after year, on quality care for our community.

We are continuing our tradition with the development of innovative new programs that are attracting new physicians, new specialists, and new technology to our health system. We want to keep raising the bar for quality care in our surrounding communities. In the coming weeks and months, my team and I will have lots more to share with you regarding the exciting new ways we are innovating, investing, and attracting new talent to help us show by example that San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital is the region’s leader in healthcare delivery. It’s an exciting time to be on the front line of healthcare delivery, and there is no place that my colleagues and I would rather be doing it than at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital.

I look forward to our continued dialogue about improving healthcare in our region. Thank you for putting your trust in us.


Mark Turner
Chief Executive Officer
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital